First priority to constituencies in order to bring transparent elections


RAWALKOT,  (Parliament Times) : Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party (JKPP) central leader Sardar Khaliq Ashraf and Sardar Umair Pervez Khan have said in a joint statement that the administration should reconsider the relevant wards keeping in view the public opinion regarding delimitation. Constituencies are the first step towards making local body elections fair and transparent. Any objection in this will raise doubts about the upcoming elections. In this regard, the management and the concerned agencies should be aware that if it is neglected, the results will not be welcome. The purpose of local body elections is to transfer power to the lower level, so it is very important to take the people into confidence. Every possible cooperation will be made with the administration in this regard. Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party will continue to represent the people’s will at every forum.