WORST tragedy of human loss at Muree

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Sayed Sajid Shah Bokharai
After such a tragic incident at Muree where 24 persons have been expired during a huge snowfall and it has raised many questions. As the relief and rehabilitation process is underway, to pull out the stranded and injured people from the debris of vehicle and under snow soon. The situation is alarming because the fall of huge trees and sliding has created, hurdles in the relief work. The Army, police, Fc force and other philanthropists could be found busy, in relief work since Friday. The evacuated people and victims have been shifted to these relief centers from different areas .The nation has shown grief and severe concerns on the tragic incident. Everyone in the corridor of power has issued orders to accelerate the relief process and report the reasons but no one is going to take the responsibility, that why this incident happened? The bereaved families could be seen in extremely shock but the people are busy to share the pictures of their nears and dears very boldly, without understanding their grief at the moment. The people should stop this practice. Accidents could be part of life but some accidents show us our stupidity and mismanagement. The most important factor in this incident was the lack of planning especially, for the institutions people, responsible for keeping the system productive, developed and sustainable. Muree is no doubt a spot which attracts millions of people every year. The whole area is lying in green forest with adjacent Natiagali and Donga gali which also gives good outlook. However, the space at Muree is actually, very limited and the number of people always gathers in huge numbers. Being a picnic spot it does not give facilities and amenities to the people even, and just imagine drinking water scarcity is great problem in the area. While staying at hotels and drinking a cup of tea could not bearable for common man and it has been reported that the hotels demand this year was reached to 50,000 per night. Wherevers mostly the common man has to find a place for refreshment or have few nice days in life. This year the snow predication by Metrological department attract huge number of people to visit the area. As a nation still we do not think and plan our activities according to our requirement or regarding the capacity and facilities at a particular place. The same thing happened at Muree. A place where only 4000 to 5000 vehicle could be adjusted how can it accommodate one lake vehicles? The snowfall on Wednesday Thursday continued and the people were enjoying well without understanding what will happen next ,at night, particularly those strangers who had a company of families and especially the children? When they understand it was too late. The families stranded in the snowfall had no choice than to embrace the thrilling chill. However to save themselves from the distress, anger and suffering they opened heater inside a car. The outside location was not good and they could not see or understand that their vehicle had fully dumped in snow. Unfortunately in most cases the vehicle silencer was hiding in the snow totally. The more the Carbon Mono oxide CO( a colorless and odorless gas) Gas was accumulated, the more poisoning and toxic materials were added in to their environment inside a car thus completely, closing the way for entering Oxygen. Slowly and gradually the gas spread and they were pray to it. Although, the panic in Muree has caused sorrowful and annoyed situation in the country. The death of (8 members from one family) inside a car and the way, they had talked to their family or request for help before death had wept every one.In the same incident the death of four friends from Mardan had also shocked the people. The very stressed moment when the ASI was playing with Kids and few hourslater they were found dead inside a car.The snow continued with intervals but it has a deposit of four feet or 1.2 meters at night had made them paralyze. As the electricity in the area had been switch up because of the continuous snowfall and they had no charge might be to call any one for help. And even those who were called at night for assistance they did not help them? It may not be considered a story of tragic events and must not be attached to perpetual destiny? This story tells us that people should be aware of the situation and must be prepared with planning before enjoyment? The Administration of any area should know their responsibility and they should work according to their oath. The business community being Muslim must have planned to serve the people but never to plunder them? At least the government could have done planning for the strangers and had awareness to stop them at the entry point .Who did this mistake and who is responsible for this tragic event? Even after compilation of the report what action would be taken and how? The people already, in tension and trouble could have been followed the metrological predication of huge snowfall at Muree? The questions arises here show our national apathy, irresponsibility and immaturity at all level. The government has imposed Emergency and declared the area disastrous. But is it a solution to our problems? Definitely we should pray for the deceased but at the same time we must have planning and showing responsibility rather than presuming every accident as part of life ups and downs. We should learn from the world and history how the social services can be carried out? What sort of machinery can be used in Emergency? At least we should accredit that we are economically weak and socially degraded people and we needs to review our strategy.

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