Rampant inflation derives civil war


Sharaf Abdul Majeed
The increase in inflation has a great contribution of creating unrest and chaos which eventually leads the nations to fall in a civil war. Rampant inflation in a country,not only generate tension among the citizens, it also imbalance the control over government and the one who derives it. The rate of increase in prices which increase in the cost of living,lower the value of currency and cause unemployment when inflation lead to lower investment or lower economic growth in the long term. Moreover,as rampant inflation generate an abrupt change in ones daily life,governmental system,and change in economical affair which contribute to massive change of civil war among citizens of a country. As inflation gives rise to the prices of things that a person consume in daily life, when the price of the product increases then people would face countless issues to maintain ones costs of living. If one takes the example of middle working class family who troubles to manage the finance of their households,will eventually encounters financial problems which the prices of daily used things reaches their peak. In this case,one would be compelled to thieve or to find several other ways to cop with their financial needs. If the citizen fall in negative services,the nation will eventually turn to a civil war in order to maintain their lifestyle again. Rampant inflation also reduce the value of currency in ones country,if the government units to fight with it then it leads to much higher inflation which results unrest among the citizens. It is also combined with an unwillingness of a nation’s citizens to hold that money,for fear it may quickly lose its value. This often comes as a result of unstable government or wars. It can be seen in Germany after the World War 2 when the country excessively printed money to cop with the inflation,but it arrives higher inflation and similarly, reduces value of its currency. There begin a kind of civil war among the citizens of Germany which was resulted due to inflation.