Leadership Syndrome

Ali Samad
Pakistani polity has suffered since it’s dawn from what may be called Leadership syndrome. Conceptually and perceptually, Leadership Syndrome means that Pakistani leadership has been sometimes ineffective, inconsistent, indecisive, inarticulate and even rootless; at other times, there has been apparently articulate, effective and visionary leadership, but it failed because of some negative qualities such as authoritarian tendencies and lack of political discipline. Although Jinnah and Liaqaut were the first driver of the country. They putted a lot of efforts to make the country prosperous but they were unable to create any democratic convection. Jinnah could have acted as a figurehead leaving the real power to the Prime minister, but he did not do so. He left a legacy of confusion about the power between Governor General ( later president ) and the Prime minister. Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto emerged as an effective articulate, visionary and charismatic leader, but he suffered from some negative personality traits, such as, unscrupulousness and intolerance. He can be given credit for building democratic structure. He was successful in producing 1973 constitution with in a short spam of time. Rigging in the 1977 election by the PPP candidates undermined Bhutto’s credibility as a genuine democrat and dealt a severe blow to Pakistan’s search for a democratic political framework. Pakistan had witnessed Leadership vacuum. For the first time this phenomenon came in evidence after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan. In the eights, after Bhutto’s execution there was created a Leadership vacuum. There is no dearth of political leader in Pakistan. But Pakistan has failed to produce a leader of Jinnah, Liaquat and Bhutto’s stature. Still Pakistan is trembling with problems regarding political disturbance. Many leaders tried but were unable to sustain the political disturbance. Let’s hope to see a leader who can fill the blank of Leadership vacuum.

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