Pakistan facing many problem why?


Aakash Imdad Khoso
Pakistan is our independence country.our great leader Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah liaqat ali khan Chaudhry rehmat ali amiruddin kidwai these are our great and brave leaders Qauide Muhammad Ali Jinnah and liaqat Ali Khan work day and night to get independence to Pakistan. these hard worked were got independence in14 August 1947 we got independence from the bristish now we are independence we have a separate country Pakistan means Islamic republic of Pakistan but now Pakistan are facing many problems day by day why problem that are are making making Pakistan from development and progress some social issues of Pakistan are facing power countries from any big problems now we see in Pakistan there is a many problems of diseases day by day new disease were created cancer, blood pressure ,sugar kidney problems there are many other diseases in Pakistan we are see in in all the world coronavirus are running in China Japan America Europe Asia India Afghanistan Sri Lanka in etc. some of them countries are development but Pakistan coronavirus running peoples has lost his life but we have not treatment of coronavirus we have not sincere with our country in America coronavirus is running he has money e there politics are sincere with his country they do each and everything for his country it thinks if we cannot doing something for my country of a country is not development we are back day by day there things but in Pakistan they are not thinking about the Pakistan about the Pakistani in our Pakistan there are many peoples who are unemployment they have no money to eat in one time if he can eat in one time he did not eat in night if he can eat in morning I cannot eat in evening why because of our politics h great personality of Pakistan they are not sincere with us our youth you see they are finding for jobs de education they have degrees but they did not have a job they earn from where game money to eat to drink for his children our currency or back our literacy rate lake of education . in our country Pakistan education they did not have money to send his children to the big b schools to get the big knowledge why because of our unemployment our poverty that why we are back some major problems of Pakistan running now a days currently. our population, literacy, unemployment ,poverty, children labours, corruption, nepotism, RapeĀ  case,, Extremism ,gender discrimination they are big problems of Pakistan facing .