Complaints against NADRA office of Sahiwal


Sahiwal, (Bureau Report) :In NADRA office Sahiwal, the female official started behaving in a derogatory manner towards the citizens for the identity card, various questions and harassment from the women and youth of the official named Maria, in-charge Imran Khurshid also took the side of the female official. Not taking notice, public social circles demand to take notice from higher authorities. These days NADRA office in Kachha Noorshah is crossing the lower limits of staff inferiority. Men and women from rural and remote areas reach NADRA office but NADRA staff Issues tokens through her agents. In the early morning, after being pushed into the line, when the citizens reach the official named Maria, the woman disturbs the old men, women and youth by asking various irrelevant questions and gives them shocks. Shaking, making them look ugly and illiterate and showing themselves highly educated. Due to personal preference and dislike, double standards are adopted with the citizens.