Islam & Science


Ali Gul Abdul Aziz Napar
Islam is the perfect religion in all over the world. The word of Islam, it means ” obedience of Allah ” All of its teachings and beliefs are written out in the Holy Quran. The followers of Islam, who accept only one Allah Almighty and they accept Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him is the last messenger of Islam. Observation and experiment is called science. Science is a word taken Latin. Science means knowledge of study or dealing with the body facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws. Islam accepts science and also science accepts Islam. Islam is the second largest religion in all over the world. The followers of Islam aim to live the whole life submission of Allah. They believe that nothing can happen without Allah’s permission. The Quran is the major Holy text of Islam. They worship of Allah by praying and reciting the Holy Quran. They believe there will be a day of judgement and life after death. Muslims believe Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him is the final Prophet sent by Allah Almighty to reveal their faith to all mankind. Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him started preaching throughout the messages of Islam. He taught that there is no other god but Allah and Muslims should devote their lives to this God. Islam has five pillars mentioned in the Holy Quran. 1. Shahada 2. Salat 3. Zakat 4. Swam 5. Hajj 1. Shahada: shahada means to declare one’s faith in Allah Almighty and belief in Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him. 2. Salat: salat means to pray five times in a day. 3. Zakat: zakat means to give those who are needy people. 4. Swam: swam means to Keep fast in Ramadan. 5. Hajj: hajj means to make a pilgrimage to Makkah at least once during a person life time if the man is able. The roots of science can be traced to ancient Egypt. Science was a board sense existed before the modern era and in many historical civilizations. If we talk about modern science, modern science is distinct in its approach and successful in its result. Science in its original sense was word for type of knowledge. It was type of knowledge that people can communicate to each other. For instance, knowledge about working og natural things was gathered long before recorded in history. Scientists made many things. Such as, calendar, techniques for making poisonous plants, dams, computers, machines, bulbs, luxury vehicles and luxury aeroplanes etc.Calendar is a chart of pages showing the days, weeks and months of a particular year.A poisonous plant is defined as a plant that when touched or in gusted in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism or any plant capable evoking a toxic and fatal reaction. A dam is a barrier or structure across a steam, river or waterway to confine then control the flow of water. These are usually built across naturally flowing water to manage the water for human use.Computer is the electronic machine which we use it in offices, business, and educational works etc.A machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force.A light bulb is a device used to convert electricity into light that is called bulb.A luxury car is a car that provides increased levels of comfort, equipment, amenities, quality performance and status compared to regular cars for an increased price.Men were travelled through the boats in that era and they did business through boats but now people are travelling luxury aeroplanes.