Hurdles in Starting Business in Pakistan

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Aleena Shah
According to a survey, one out of every ten persons is unemployed in Pakistan, and the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. There are many reasons behind accelerating unemployment in Pakistan but one of them is that there are many hurdles in starting a business in Pakistan. These hurdles range from domination of Mafias in the markets to the lack of authorities and political will to deal with this matter. Firstly, finding a place to start a business is one of the major hurdles. These days, the rent of a normal shop is not less than thirty thousand a month. Plus, it is mandatory to pay an advance of three months to rent a shop. Moreover, shopkeepers take a commission upon the installation of a small stall in any market. They believe that the area in front of their shops belongs to them, and they will decide whom they will give it on rent. Moreover, the administration of the respective authority also does not allow the installation of a stall. So, these are the issues faced by people to find a place for starting a business. Secondly, a small budget is another hurdle in launching a business in Pakistan. It requires a minimum of five lac rupees to start a small-scale business in Pakistan. However, it is challenging for the middle class or lower-class people to have five lac rupees. Moreover, there are also only a few banks that give loans on easy installment, even if some banks give loans, they take a lot of interest on it. Lastly, lack of trust in law enforcement agencies is also another major reason due to which people fear investing in Pakistan. People do many frauds in business and when people complain to the concerned authorities to take action, they do not give a good response. For instance, proper mafias are working in the property business, looting common people. When people do their complaints to the authorities, they do not take any action against them because powerful people back then. Cutting long into short, it is my request to the government that it should adopt some measures to simplify the process of starting business in Pakistan. There are many steps that government can take in this regard. Firstly, it should install small stalls in different areas of the country and give them to the people on rent. It will increase the revenue of the government and it will also help the government in coping with unemployment in the country. Secondly, the government should launch a scheme in which it should facilitate people to buy stock for starting a business on installment. Lastly, law enforcement agencies should take strict action against the mafias who are dominating various business markets.

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