Human resource in Baluchistan

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Naseebullah Khan
Balochistan government should realign and reform government structure, system, and procedures, monitoring mechanisms to provide free space for sustainable and pro-poor development and improve monitoring mechanism for effective and transparent utilization of funds and create an enabling environment by supporting institutions dealing with effective public service delivery and sector development. Asian Development Bank Human capital is the jugular vein of progress and development. The more human resource is used vigilantly, the more society will prosper. Unfortunately, the situation in Balochistan is reversed. The government has failed to utilize the very basic fundamental of society. Balochistan is home to ample youth which is more than 50 pc of the total population. Unfortunately, they lack basic education along with skill development. In the midst of globalization and digitalization, they are unaware of new technology. How progress and development can be expected. The province is home to ample natural resources, feasible land for agricultural development and livestock, and an attractive destination for Solar and wind energy. But, still, the province is in the clinches of economic fragility, poverty, unemployment, and health miseries. When it comes to human resources in the government sector, the scenario is piteous. The dearth of service structure in many departments, lack of in-service training and career development, paucity of professional development, want of training institutions, absence of taking advantages from new technology and innovation, scarcity of Knowledge management, low Competency level, deficiency of performance management, and crunch of Organizational development have brought the province on the verge of the worst type of bad governance, economic decline, and pathetic social indicators. Without polishing human resources how can one expect good governance and development? There is a dire need for human creativity, capability, and commitment through human resource development. If human resources in the marginalized province of Balochistan is not focused, the dream of sustainable development, prosperity, and progress will remain a dream.

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