Experimenting education in Pakistan?

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Sayed Sajid Shah Bokhari
Education is international subject. The world is trying to follow the international standards through continuous research, learning experiences and best practices with exposure. What the developed countries had done to follow education in its true essence and spirit, and what we did with education could be the two opposite stories. We have made education a base for doing experiments since Pakistan came in to being. In the Global village of today, no country can alone benefited of the education blessing until, it may not follow the way adopted by the developed nation and has made progress of it. The world has reached to its maximum length through education and the science, technology and artificial intelligence has made it incredible for human being. Where do we stand to competes the world and achieve the targets through learning and best practices? Every government after coming in to power usually, promised, for the improvement in education. Just imagine in 75 years we have promulgated more than seven education policies and protocols but what achievements we have made is dilemma? That’s why Pakistan is standing on 147th amongst 149 countries amongst the nations of the world in education ranking. Imagine that after the 18 amendments in constitution the department of education was also devolved along with other 18 departments. All the provinces now have their own system of education runs individually, and without cooperation and in coordination with other provinces as federation unit at all. Unfortunately what the rulers and experts do think education is they are going to implement it? The political interference and involvement has reached to an extent where posting and transfers could be made on wishes and consent of leaders. Now when the world is going to celebrate the 100 % Literacy rate accomplishment we are planning to find a way, where more than 28.8 Million out of school students (OOSC) could be adjusted. It is the second highest number of OOSC in the world and we could be ashamed for it .Half of our students run away because of the corporal punishments in the schools and still half because of inadequate requirements for children to blossom.Just imagine what a child during admission to Nursery requires>Nothing more than a good attitude, space and love? Is this possible and available inside our schools? Just imagine our universities are breeding points for harassment? Who will stop this progeny if the teachers are going to do it? The prevailing situation in education is extremely, unsatisfactory and we are far behind the targets set by SDGS and other regional organization. Even the reports on quality of education released by UNESCO and UNICEF could not be read because 54% of our primary school students cannot read and write the very basic of English and Urdu alphabets . Even teachers in Sindh province were interviewed by T.Vchannels during their protest for salary, increase and they did not answer a very basic question in the subjects. The situation is worst in Balochistan and thats why the exploitations of humans by lord is common practice .Education does not build capacity of individual but it create thinking ,and stop exploitation by the others. In the previous ANP government in KPK the decision of a new group as Management cadre was created. Where is it today? Even in few districts of KPK the chosen and sweet heart persons have been accommodated to enjoy the job so where the hell is education? Unfortunately there is no performance base criteria exists in governments jobs. Even there a person could be seen filling his/her ACRs through open discussion with Boss and it is a routine job. Just imagine the ACRs could be filled by the person himself in most cases which show our ability and compromise on the subject. The world is leadingthrough quality education and investment on education has turned to be the only alternate to pull the masses from the quagmire of troubles. In our Khyber Phktonkwa a new experiment on education is under consideration. The government of KPK has announced to appoint 2500 leaders,190 senior leaders and 28 Deputy education officers at the province level. According to a plan for three schools there will be one leader, and the three leaders will report to the senior leader and he/she will be responsible for 18 schools and the deputy education quality officers will overview the work in his/her jurisdiction. Similarly the education department has planned regional directorate to be opened in swat, Abbottabad and Bannu.It is important to clear that once these directorates had closed by the authorities in the past. The success to life is depending upon the system enfolded in Education. Today, the most developed and prosperous nations in the world possess this instrument for survival and sustainability .It has now a shape embedded in research, innovation and realization for the support of strong enough science and technology. Actually Education is the very basic human right. It strengthen vision, enhance skills and bless nation.In our country this right has been guaranteed in Article 25-A and it is the responsibility of state to provide education to all without any discrimination on the basis of creed, cast, colour, gender and background. Unfortunately Pakistan represents 44% of the total population OOS. Thoroughly in the world the traditional education has been changed and replaced with research base education. During the current era of science and technology a lot has been changed and no country at all can sustain itself in the cycle of progress and development until, it may not follow the indicators and standards of education internationally. The science and technology has got momentum to change the socieo, economic, political condition of any nation. The Finland with 5.5 % population ha toppled the world with Norway, Sweden, Japan, Australia and many other countries following its examples. The competition format in the world in the field of education has been changing from time to time according to the needs and requirements of students and societies. Adopting and developing frame of education especially, its Curriculum, Methodology, Monitoring mechanism, reporting and feedback system community participation, funds rising must lie in its original shape. However, above all is no doubt a commitment level of nation? The developing countries had sad story, of vulnerability in the past and even today. All of them are today on the breach of collapse, civil war, severe economic bondage, political instability because of the low level in education.

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