World appreciates community control hunting areas system in GB: Chief Minister

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Saadat Ali

Gilgit Baltistan: Chief Minister GB Khalid Khursheed Khan has said that the provincial government is taking comprehensive measures for the protection of wildlife in Gilgit-Baltistan.
Addressing a function in Gilgit regarding distribution of trophy hunting cheques among the communities, he said that protection of wildlife is our responsibility and the provincial cabinet has decided that in case of identification of illegal hunting of wildlife in Gilgit-Baltistan, the person who identified the person concerned would get the amount of fine so that the illegal hunting could be stopped forever in the province.Chief minister said that community control hunting areas were introduced in Gilgit in the 1990 and the system is being appreciated across the control hunting practice boosting socio economic conditions in the area besides poverty alleviation.
Reffering local government he said that village committees are being given space in the up coming local government system and delegate more powers as compared to the past governments.
On the occasion Chief Minister distributed cheques of 80% trophy hunting fee of the year 2020-21 to the presidents and representatives of the community controlled hunting areas.

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