Cellphone: A source of change

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Subhan Ali
These days one thing has created many advantages for us , and made things very easy for us that is known as cell phone. It has created numerous benefits for every one ,but mostly educated people can take benefits from it. The world has been globalized by it. People all over the world are interconnected due to cellphone. In today’s world, Educated people are getting many advantages from it. Such as Online business, online classes, video call these all are possible if one has cellphone. Students can read soft books nowadays if they cannot buy hard books. If we are feeling bored we can play video games by which our stressed mood can calm down. Last time, at the time of covid 19, most of students took their classes by a app which is known as Zoom app. So I as the positive user of cellphone concur that cellphone has brought many facilities for us.

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