Ombudsman Punjab facilitates deserving families by providing dues and relief


LAHORE : On the orders of Ombudsman Punjab Maj (r) Azam Suleman Khan, monetary relief of 3, 36, 16,602 rupees has been provided to the plaintiffs of different districts in their cases of public importance.

In one such case, the continuous follow-up by the ombudsman office helped the complainant Shaheena Khannum of Faisalabad to eke out 1, 06, 15,561 rupees out of total dues of her late husband who was employed with the health department. Earlier, she was given 12, 86,760 rupees as leave encashment and salary arrears of 9, 04,692 rupees on orders of the ombudsman office. The applicant has thanked the ombudsman office for its effective role in ensuring total payments. Meanwhile, 7.7 Kanal portion of public passage has also been restored by the administration on ombudsman’s orders in Shakargarh tehsil after retrieval from the illegal occupants.

On a separate application, the ombudsman office moderated to reimburse total dues worth Rs42, 89,944 to the widow of Dr Zafar Iqbal, SMO, RHC, Jhang. The primary and secondary healthcare department has settled pension dues after eight years of the death of its employee. Alongside, the ombudsman office negotiated with Sunder Industrial Estate to return 18, 36,876 rupees to four complainants who approached the ombudsman office for the payment of pending dues of their services.

Also, the office of the ombudsman Punjab facilitated one Shamim Akhtar of Bhakar district to get the family pension of her late husband who was employed with the school education department there. The secretary school education department was directed in this case to ensure payment of family pension and pending emoluments according to departmental rules to her by giving six months and four days relaxation in the service period of her SED employee husband. As a result, the applicant Shamim Akhtar has succeeded in getting pension and arrears after a long period of 33 years as the matter was lying pending since 1988. After the involvement of the ombudsman office, the school education department has paid 9, 09,732 rupees to the complainant.

In compliance with the instructions of the ombudsman office given in a different issue, the labour department has paid educational stipends valuing 180000 of 2015-17 to the daughter of applicant Muhammad Iqbal of Darya Khan area of Bhakar district.