Leading to a Liberal Saudi


Jahangir Jameel
Saudi Arabia, the center of Muslims, is leaning towards liberalism. Saudi holds the origin of Islam and consists the historical epic of Islam. Saudi is religiously revered worldwide by the muslims due to ‘Khana Kaba’ and other religious factors. It is in one way the center for the Muslims. Saudi is admired for the practices of Islam. It is the all picture which is apparently, seen. Saudi’s on going policies are much contradictory to Islamic perspective.To illustrate, the incumbent king of Saudi, Mohammad Bin Salman, is leading the country towards a change from prior practices which existed as per Islamic views. Namely, concert of Salman Khan in ‘Jidah’ is a question for the Islamic practices. Ban on ‘Tableeg’ is a major factor for Islamic provisions. Ministry of religious affairs has tweeted that there will be a summon that how much dangerous Tabligee Jamayat are. Logics behind the ban vividly show up that MBS intends to shift Islamic practices to liberalism. Get to know that these are not the all indicators towards liberalism but there are such more taken recent decision which clarify the intentions of MBS. Such steps were: Finishing of Gender segregation in the country, sound storm concert in Saudi, encouragement of women towards work to be a part of GDP. He briefed to media, “women are half part of this population and I want them to be a productive half. It is time for women to take a bigger role.” Work force of women before Mohammad Bin Salman was 19 percent and currently, is 33 percent. The all game is for the economic factors. Saudi’s economy widely depends on fuel. It is the world’s second largest producer of petroleum. World’s technology is stepping towards a new era. It switching from fuel consumption to electric. The success of electric cars can be a great danger for Saudi’s economy. Seemingly Mohammad Bin Salman aims to sustain the dominance of Saudi economically. Thereto he is making hay in the sunshine. Conversely, what about the sustanance of Islam? What about Islamic provisions? Will it be acceptable to vanish Islamic provisions for economic factors and will the taken decision be fine for Islam?