Kashmiris observe right to self determination day with renewal of firm pledge to continue struggle till last victory;

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Altaf Hamid Rao:


Call for immediate implementation of the UN resolutions to grant Kashmiris their birth right of self determination without further loss of time,


MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament Times) : People of Jammu & Kashmir living both sides of the line of control and rest of the world, Wednesday observed the right of self determination day with the renewal of the pledge to continue their ongoing indigenous struggle with full vigor for securing their legitimate right of self determination through implementation of the U.N resolutions passed this day 73 years ago in 1949.

This year too, the right of self determination day was observed when India, by openly violating and denying all international norms and commitments including the United Nations resolutions on Kashmir, abrogated the special status of the internationally-acknowledged disputed state of the Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir through scrapping article 370 and 35-A of her own constitution since here August 05, 2019 sinister act by turning entire Indian held Kashmir valley in to world’s largest prison for the last over three years through confining freedom-monger innocent population in the bleeding valley of Kashmir into their houses and complete information blockade since the above bleak day of the history of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Himalayan state.

In Azad Jammu Kashmir , special gatherings hosted by various social and political organizations in various parts of the liberated territory especially the capital city of Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Rawalakot were the hallmark of the day. The special meetings highlighted the importance of early grant of the right of self determination to Jammu Kashmir people – which was being suppressed and denied by India since over last 73 years at the might of her occupational military forces.

The meetings strongly condemned the repeated violation of the line of control by India through the frequent incidents of the unprovoked firing by the Indian troops on the LoC in AJK facing occupied Jammu & Kashmir state. They called upon the UNO and other international community to take immediate notice of the increased aggressive designs of India in the region – which they warned, may turn into a conventional war in the region.

In the lake city of Mirpur, speakers demanded immediate taking up of the Indian sinister and unilateral act of August 05, 2019 that had scrapped special status of the disputed Jammu Kashmir State, in the international court of justice to challenge the unlawful action exercised at gun point by the fascist Modi-led Indian rule.

Bitterly criticising the United Nations hostile and irresponsible role and failures in implementing its security council’s resolutions on Kashmir, speakers called upon the world body to fulfill its due responsibilities to ensure early holding of plebiscite in the disputed Jammu Kashmir state to pave the way for early grant of right of self determination to Kashmiris being waited for last 73 years.

Speakers reiterated Kashmiris just and principled stance before the world that they (Jammu Kashmir people) would continue their struggle for right of self determination till the achievement of the ultimate goal.

They particularly highlighted the reality with the earnest demand about early grant of the birth right of self determination to Kashmiris without further loss of time and which was being denied by India since last 73 years because of her traditional hostile and stubborn attitude.

The right of self determination day reiterates the long cherished demand of the Kashmiris that they should be granted their birth right to decide about their destiny under the spirit of the internationally-acknowledged U.N resolutions.

Kashmiris observe this day every year to invite the attention of the world especially to remind United Nations Organization to immediately move for implementation of January 5, 1949 UN resolutions on Kashmir to ensure the early grant of Internationally-acknowledged right to self determination to the people of Jammu & Kashmir enabling them to decide about their destine through a free and fair plebiscite in the internationally-acknowledged disputed Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir without further loss of time.

New Delhi is denying the Jammu & Kashmir people of their legitimate right of self determination at the might over a million of her occupying troops in occupied Jammu & Kashmir since over last 73 years and most particularly through the unilateral August 5, 2019 nefarious act of scrapping the special status of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Jammu Kashmir state.

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