Ignorant gender

Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Allah Almighty has created three types of gender male, female and transgender, but we people believe in two and ignore the third. We have feelings, emotions for each other but not with the transgender. We ignore them all the time. Not only that, but we humiliate them always whenever we see them. This is stereotyping that has been created in our mind. We disrespect them, we demoralize them, we insult them. We have a pride that we have perfect gender, but why we don’t think that they have same feelings as we have, they have same emotions as we have. But every time government and the society ignore them, and shows less concern about them that they are also the part of our society. It is true that they have some less qualities, but it doesn’t mean that they are not human being. We Muslims have been instructed to be sympathetic with the animals and every creature. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) exhorted Muslims to show kindness and compassion towards animals and birds, and repeatedly forbade cruelty towards animals. “Whoever is merciful even to a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgment. We Muslim the name of sympathy, peace and tolerance are the symbol for humankind. But unfortunately, this brutality is happening in many Muslim countries, particularly in Pakistan where the social rights have not been given much to the transgender. They are deprived of social respect and less concern from society. Nobody is interested to talk about them, to feel about them. We just feel that they are ignorant. We need to ask a few questions from ourselves that who they are? Why they are? And who has created them? These questions will remind our duty as a good citizen, as a human, and a Muslim. Pakistan has too many government and private institution of education and if you survey them you will never get these ignorant of society. More than 21,774 transgender are living in Pakistan, but due to having very less right and respect, mostly become the illiterate and beggar, and we see all the time in the streets while begging, and the people who give them some Penny, they make fun of them to being this kind of gender. Being an Islamic country we should not ignore their social right of education. Every time government’s department announce different jobs in different sector, but you will find that no job will be reserved for these ignorant, why this is happening, nobody knows! But we are losing ourselves to be a human being, we are losing those values which were our proud. We need to work on these missing things, if an animal has a better care in the zoo than a zoo. It means we have lost which we got.

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