Struggle for rights

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Haq do tehreek’ movement, let by Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman the Baloch social activist and Balochistan general Secretary of Jamait-i-Islami, once again declared to block the roads unless the government meet to his demands claimed. Note that, this movement head been six months that Maulana with his supporters have been rising their voice not only for the rights of Gwadar people but also for whole Balochistan throughout which the innocent citizens are suffering hard. Recently Maulana blew over his prolong protest, continued for a month after the arrival of Chief minister along with his cabinet by an unanimous agreement. Regretful the agreement was nothing than an unfulfilled promise. On Thursday he was talking to media that the illegal fishing of trawler mafia is not acceptable to the people of Gwadar. Even after the declared of provincial government still they continued to come for fishing in the coastal area of the city. He said, they don’t any employment from the government but would struggle for their fundaments and constitutional rights. He also condemned the homicide of Siraj Buledai in a tweet. In the nut shall, to bring the province in equivalence to other parts Pakistan, this needs legislation to increase the NFC award in the share of Balochistan along with the restriction made on the poor Baloch people to earn an occupation. So, this is time to concern this serious issue of Balochistan after 72 year violation of their basic rights which an ordinary person deserve.

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