Secretary local government Sindh must take notice

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Nazeer Ahmed Arijo
I would like to draw the kind attention of the Secretary Local government Sindh towards the Town Committee Khair Muhammad Arija, which looks like a garbage dump due to chokked off drains and unsanitary conditions of the streets .That a written complaint against the matter in question was registered with the Town officer concerned on WhatsApp. After having gone through the content and endorsed it,the official assured the applicant [ I ] of taking much needed measures with regard to cleaning and sweeping.However, this proved to be a lipservice .Faltering professional commitment on the part of the TO concerned,instigated the applicant to send a reminder regarding the same issue ,followed by the final reminder dated 13 December 2021.What happened ,to my utter dismsy,was that after every reminder the sweepers are sent then they disappear untill the next one. One baffles one’s mind that why it should be the resident reminding the Town officer about the very professional duty of delivering in the desired direction. It is to be noted that images had been sent to the TO in order to give him a clearer picture. Unfortunately, it had fallen on the deaf ears. That intoxicated with aristocratic arrogance and political connection, the Town officer has entirely neglected the registered complaint and subsquent reminders sent on the same issue.As a result,the residents are left with no option but cleaning the drains and sweeping the streets themselves.That this utter negligence inspite of complaints conveyed, lends support to charges made against local government system being hijacked by political heavyweights and their cronies inducted in lucrative posts.Under such circumstances, there is no any mechanism of waste management in terms of waste removed from drains that keep lying on the edges of drains consequently slipping into the drains again .That only selected drains and streets are cleaned and swept respectively. This calls for an urgent enquiry into the matter being highlighted and institutional intervention in every context.

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