Right of Self-Determination


Sardar Sajid Mehmood;
Right of Self-determination is a legitimate birth right of people of Kashmir in the light of UN charter as well as the UN Security council resolutions adopted by India and Pakistan. India has occupied a large part of former state of Jammu and Kashmir since October, 27, 1947 by deploying a large number of her military and Para-military forces. After an illegal intervention in Kashmir region India itself lodged a complaint against Pakistan in Security Council on January, 01, 1948 leading to resolutions of August 13, 1948 and 5th January, 1949 resulting Ceasefire b/w India and Pakistan. Right to Self-determination of Kashmiri people is admitted in the light of mentioned resolutions of UN and commitments made by Pundit Jawaher Lal Nehru the leader and first Prime Minister of the India. People of Kashmir observe 5th January as the day of right of self-determination all over the world to point out the responsibilities of UN and global powers denied by them. Resolution No 277 adopted by UN Security Council commission for India and Pakistan on January 5, 1949 well described the procedure to provide the chance of plebiscite to people of Kashmir. India has illegally abrogated the Article 370 and 35/A of her constitution to end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir contrary to UN resolutions and international law as well. There is a curfew situation in the whole valley of Kashmir since August, 05, 2019. After introducing the number of black laws since 1988-1989, now India has completely locked the region of occupied Kashmir to suppress the voice for right of Self-determination. Kashmir valley has been turned into a biggest prison of the world while peace keeping organizations and countries are playing a role of silent actor. People are suffering badly due to complete blockages and worst human rights violation in occupied Kashmir. People of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and Government as well are directly concerned to the legitimate right of Kashmiri people. They support the genuine movement for right of self-determination for the resolution of most valuable and oldest conflict of the Asian Sub-Continent. Forces of the two countries have been heavily deployed on Line of Actual-Control and there is a great risk of an atomic war due to Kashmir the bone of contention. People of line of control are suffering badly due to cross firing. Global powers and UN must understand the critical situation created by India and play their due role to resolve the issue by providing the chance of free and impartial plebiscite to the people of Kashmir under the supervision of UN.