PMC student crisis

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Fozia Quomi
It is really toxic to speak about the students of PMC who are at the verge of no where. They are now so done with this ridiculous system which never favours them even those students had stop accepting anything. A recent update was widely virtual the top student of PMC has admitted suicide by getting the highest marks with no appreciation and rewards. The deserving student were ignored where the seat were illegally bought. It injures me to speak that the students who were arrested and beaten terribly was all for the elegance against the people running this rubbish system. The PMC student are so compelled to strike against the system itself which is run by the corrupt people in thrust of money . Unfortunately, the reserve seats for Balochistan are bought with a good expense as result the youth of Baluchistan and it’s forward generation probably is gonna suffer. Thus , PMC students are hopeless but it the same time they are helpless too. It’s like do or die situation for them. They really can’t let go this but I return the had to pay for it even being right it that time.

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