India forgotten claims made with Kashmiris and international world: JKSM Chairman

Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that it’s high time United Nations and P5 pressure India to implement UN’s resolutions of 5th January 1949 on Kashmir, and start the process of Plebiscite.

Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat while talking to media here in Islamabad said that through its Resolutions the United Nations gave the legitimate right to decide for their future: Right to Self Determination.
But it is unfortunate that since then the Kashmir issue is still pending.

While India never stopped suppressing the besieged people of Kashmir from the demand of the right to self-determination. Moreover, the people of Kashmir have been sacrificing their lives, their property and their future for Freedom from illegal Indian occupation.

Chairman JKSM added that the international body: United Nations was formed to maintain peace and stability in the world. But since 1989 in Illegally Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir more than 95,948 people killed, among them 7,225 are custodial killings, 164,078 Civilians arrested, 110,451 Structures Arsoned/Destroyed, 22,940 Women Widowed, 107,857 Children Orphaned, and 11,246 Women gang-raped / Molested.

Terming India’s stubbornness as cruel and inhumane Bhat said that, India has not only backtracked from the promises it made with the people of Kashmir but also with the International Community.

Chairman JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat added that, UN Secretary-General should persuade the Government of India to rescind the newly enacted Domicile Law which violates the Geneva Convention and other international laws and is designed to change the demography of Kashmir; to release all political prisoners unconditionally, including Khurram Parvez, Mohammad Yasin Malik, Shabir Ahmed Shah, Masarat Alam Bhat, Zaffar Akbar Bhat, Aasia Andrabi, etc; to allow unhindered access to Kashmir by the United Nations Thematic Rapporteurs to monitor the situation in Kashmir, and to permit international human rights organizations and NGOs to visit Kashmir.

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