Islamic country and drugs

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Jamal Rahim
Sir, drugs can destroy a life easily because of their cruel power. It is a very bad issue in the world and more often than not the Islamic international locations they do not like it also they do no comply with it but in the present it’s drinking, smoke in our beloved motherland Pakistan with some terrible. But the ones who use drugs maximum of them from Balochistan, in fact in Balochistan nowadays every kind of drug are to be had there they get drugs effortlessly without facing difficulties and in Balochistan two places are distinguished for the drugs.The first place is located to district Kech the name of that place is Hoshab and their small children are victims of the drugs due to lack of presidency attention also in Hoshab every kind of drugs are available from hotels from every shop and that much water is not possible to get but the drugs are possible. The second place is Mashkay. It’s the most important area of district or Bela in Mashkay women are not saved from drugs, all are victimized the drugs, most of them their women are using drugs, their young men are in the same hassle but unfortunately, no one stands in opposition to drugs. So before 15 days some of the students of Mashkay protested against the drugs they stated the government of Balochistan must take action against drug sellers of Balochistan.

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