Inflation and unemployment creates mental disorders in people: Ikramuddin

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ITALY,(International Desk) : Ikramuddin, Media Coordinator for Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan for Europe, said that Pakistan’s development is impossible because of the corrupt democratic system and the cursed system. Poor people are forced to commit suicide. Inflation and unemployment are increasing day by day due to which the people are suffering from mental disorders. Instead of providing basic facilities to the people, the government is working to humiliate the people.Ikramuddin, the media coordinator of Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan for Europe, while talking to the media, said that no government has thought of the development of Pakistan and the prosperity of the people since its independence. Every political party is involved in corruption and looting, be it any party and their aim and mission is to destroy Pakistan only, rather than give justice in Pakistan, give basic rights to the people, end the corrupt system, to hold corrupt political representatives accountable. It is limited to press statements due to which Pakistan is far from development. Only by uniting the people can we all get rid of these corrupt democratic systems and corrupt political representatives.He further said that every institution is under the supervision of corrupt and bribe-seeking officials and merit system has been spoiled and is now only limited to the poor people not for rich. This oppression will continue till the government pays full attention to the problems and difficulties of the poor people and ensures the provision of basic facilities to the people.

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