Concerned DCs should resolve matters related to local body elections: Banjosa Community

Lahore: It is important to keep in view the interests and priorities of the people in the re-delimitation of constituencies for local body elections. The concerned Deputy Commissioners should put an end to the unrest among the people as soon as possible regarding the matter. These views were expressed by the representatives of Banjonsa community based in Lahore in a meeting held regarding the expected division plan of Union Council Banjonsa by district administration.The meeting was addressed by Sardar Sajid, Sardar Siddique Advocate, Fahim Advocate, Sardar Khurshid, Sardar Gulfraz, Sardar Siddique, Fareez ahmed and Hameed Khan.The speakers said that Banjonsa has a historical and tourist status, the expected division of the area is totally against the public interest.

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