China all poised to extend every cooperation to Pakistan but we have not hammered out our policy based on national priorities: PM

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Islamabad:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that China is ready to extend cooperation to our country but we have not even evolved our policy based on national priorities.

“ Our friendship with China spans 70 years. China is ready to extend every cooperation to us but we have not hammered out our policy based on our national priorities”, he said this while launching Pak-China Business Investment Forum at a ceremony here on Monday.

He urged enhancement in exports can steer the country out of economic crisis. Only vegetables and small things are exported from the country and due to which the journey to development can not start.

He underlined the country will devl0p the time when the industrial sectors grow and exports rise.

He held India made extra-ordinary progress in IT sector and it is providing its services to the world. In Pakistan IT exports from Pakistan have increased two fold within one year.

He remarked all the developed countries preferred exports. Istanbul took special measures for promotion of exports to overcome trade deficit which led to its economic growth.

In the perspective of economic policy he said “ we have resolved we have to promote industrial sector and have to enhance the exports.

Stressing the need for reforms in agricultural sector based on technology PM said China has made extraordinary progress in the agricultural sector.

He pointed out Pakistan is transforming into urbanization on fast track basis. But we are facing two threats in this respect. One is food security and second is country’s fertile area is depleting fast.

He held we can learn much from China which has mulled over new ways of urbanization. Now they are making vertical development.

I am likely to visit China next week, he indicated adding it will be finally decided in the perspective of corona situation.

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