IR Department provided collection of 11.245 billion PKR tax in 2021: Commissioner

Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament times) : The Inland Revenue Department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir clinched another exceptional acievement in securing levies as it continued its streak of income taxcollection with record breaking figures and made bi-annual collection up to December, 2021 at Rs.11.245 billion with an unprecedented increase of Rs.2.205 billion against given budgetary targets of ongoing financial year of 2021-2022; official sources said.

The tax analysts and observers have termed this major tax realization as a milestonespecifically by the tax realizing agency presently operating under the auspices of Azad Government of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Our Special AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao understands that the AJK State Inland Revenue Department was assigned bi-annual target of Rs.9.040 billion for direct taxes during thecurrent fiscal year, against which the Department remained successful in collecting revenueof Rs.11.245 billion with significant rise of Rs.2.205 billion.

Unveiling the details of successful realization of the income tax target with remarkable riseof two billion, the Commissioner Inland Revenue AJK Sardar Zafar Mahmud Khan (also head of the Department) told this Correspondent here on Monday that during December, 2021, Income Tax collection stood at Rs.3.000 billion, which fact itself speaks out the outstanding performance of Inland Revenue Department.

The IRD Commissioner underlined that despite existence of post-covid situation,the Inland Revenue Department efficaciously gave surplus bi-annual collection uptoDecember, 2021 with total income tax collection at Rs.11.245 billion

Sardar Zaffar said that the outstanding performance has become possible due to utilization of effective strategies andactions plans, which is an ample proof of exemplary performance of the IRD.

Meanwhile official sources revealed that the credit for this outstanding and remarkable performance of the AJK IR Department also goes to the AJK Minister for Inland Revenue Abdul Majid Khan, Chief Secretary Shakeel Qadir Khan and Secretary Inland Revenue Department Zaheer-ud-Din Qureshi.

“The constant guidance and cooperation have in fact paved the way for tolling up the income tax collection of theDepartment to the remarkable figure over and above Rs.11 Billion at December end”, the sources said adding that the senior Government functionaries not only expressed their satisfaction over the departmental performance but also admired the outstanding achievement of the entire departmental team and projected that the Department shall continue the outstanding streak of successful achievements of income tax target with significant rise.

The Commissioner Inland Revenue of AJK, at the same time, has also applauded the tireless efforts, devotion and sincerity extended by the departmental team towards the successfulrevenue achievements and hoped that the Departmental team shall continue to give out their maximum and to impart their pivotal role in strengthening State’s economy.

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