What is Life?

Shema Abdul Wahid
Sometimes, I become compelled to set alone in order to know the definition of life, but I always get disappointed by being failed again and again because everyone has their own thoughts and views regarding life.Some of them told “life is the name of compromising”,some told “It’s the name of conclusion”and even half of them told, “life is the second name of death because where there is life,we can find the step of death, but life is nothing more than a journey with lots of lessons, hardships,special moments and challenges.Owing to these challenges, life is so complicated.Neither it can be understood nor someone is there to explain what life is actually.And death is the painful reality of life which is not the end of it rather it starts from it. Furthermore, life is a continuous ongoing process that has to end someday.Life is all about adoring yourself and creating yourself.A quote for you is that life can be only understood backward but it must be lived forwords.Life itself is a golden opportunity to live a meaningful life and supports other to do so.It doesn’t matter how many years you live, but it matters how will you live a quality life.The fear of death always threatens our lives.Every person has to face the death sooner or later,but it doesn’t mean it should discourage us from living the life to the fullest or achieving our goals.It is a journey in everyone’s life where as we have to cross the bridge of death to be able to wake up to a life eternal.Life will automatically lead us towards our destination, our purpose.However, we have to face challenges and these challenges will always test our courage, strength, weaknesses and faith.Life is not all about proving anyone wrong rather it’s about proving yourself right.Luck is great, but most of us life is hard work.Many times, we face challenges and struggle happens to help or teach us the lesson.What’s really important is who you become through all of life’s challenges. On the other hand, life is full of ups and down.We all experience difficulties in our lives.You may be experiencing the death of your beloved ones and lossing or hurting your loved ones is to a life change.Sometimes life isn’t what you want it to be.Therefore, difficult times are the part of our life story.Hard times can mean different things to different people.And coping with difficult time is not easy.But as the adge goes ,which doesn’t break you, rather makes you stronger.Each time you edsure a difficult time in your life, ,you build personal character.And it is the character that will carry you towards the good times to come and give you more strength for the next time.Yoy experience a tough period of life.Difficult times help you to grow up into a more well-rounded and mature who is more capable of handling the ups and down in life. It’s no denying the fact that life is not all about being perfect rather it’s about being happy.Not all the time ,but anytime you can.Most importantly, you are a miracle, this world is a blessing, life is a miracle.life is really what you make it.To be happy, to find happiness no matters what life throws at you.Live everyday like you are blessed.Live everyday as if you are grateful to simply be alive.Be happy ,no matters what happens and life will be amazing itself.Don’t think about past, it has gone.Don’t be worried about future ,it isn’t a arrive.Just be in present and make it beautiful.Sometimes, life acts strangely because at some point , it gives thousands of reason to human to stay alive and other point it even doesn’t give a single reason to human being to peruse their breathing,but still it flys like a bird and goes on until it is thrown by a strOng wind.Indeed,life gets strange,heartbreaking and breathtaking but life goes on, it has to go on..Everyone face ups and down ,but miseries are covered by a thin veil hope for ray.Hope is the mOst important part in the life of a person when she/he is in darkness.It is only hope which encourage everyone to carry the burden on cruel life.In a nutshell,life can’t be define easily because everyone has different purposes, miscellaneous goals, faces different challenges and most importantly achieve different success.We have to embrace the hard realties of life in order to live the life the way we want. So,live the life, you love and love the life,you live.Everyone should enjoy each and every moment of this life because life is dependent on one breath which can be finish in one second and it is not known when it will take you with itself.Thus,live for your own self.In addition, life is the combination of special moments, worst event, happines, sorrows, hardships and many more, but it’s up to us to make it what.Whether to live it the way we want or lead us towards the way of destruction.Love you life.Really you are tough but enjoying you has its own twist because life gets tough but we are tougher. “Zindagi Tujhe Salam”

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