Price less onions

Asif Jameel
Agriculture has immense significant for construction of an overarching economy. It steams a country towards the end advancement. Pakistan is envisioned one of the biggest agricultural State Which produce more than 1.8 million tonnes onions from the varied areas of the country which are exported to the many countries like, India, Afghanistan,China Malaysia and Sri Lanka which brings a huge amount of money. Unfortunately in Balochistan many tunes of the onion produced two years ago they don’t have welfare amount for farmers. However, Balochistan produce 3.8 percent they don’t get satisfactory amount by them many of the farmers are committing sucide due to the low price of onions. They use several poisons Fertilizer to grow a welfare harvest. Generally, they don’t get that much money to pay their debts since the onions are being produced with small amount. It is the duty of care Government of Balochistan to play active role to save our Former lives who are depressed by low price of onions.

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