Be patient


Khair Muhammad
Once an intellectual utters that things are not always as they seem, the intelligence of a few perceives what has been hidden carefully. By realizing the true sense of the mentioned quote in a straight forward manner, one can be conclude that the having patience is the sign of maturity. It not only assists in a professional life but also enables to overcome the undetermined obstacles through out the life. No matter how the circumstances are poor even when one is left high and dry in either part of life, being patient is the finest weapon to deals with harsh crises. Life is all about ups and downs. In this regard, the term downs have always assembled a man to achieve his recreational skills. Undoubtedly, In this today’s world, a self reliant person is more stable and secure from the misfortunes in terms of failure. Furthermore, Quran the book of God has highlighted the essence of patience in several Ayats. One of them is ‘ O you believer be patient with gracious patience. Despite this if a faithful observations are made than resultantly Islam is nothing but the synonym of Sabr. Nevertheless, the preponderance are impatient seemingly particularly when it comes in youth. Mostly, they beat about the bush and manifest their destiny in a hasty way which not only make them weak but can also influence their mental health. Conclusively, it can stated that, having patience is the sign of adulthood and the only remedy to be the conqueror.