A Heart At Peace Gives Life To The Body


M. Ramzan
There is no greater wealth in this world than the peace of mind. Everyone needs peace in their lives to make their minds fresh. But unfortunately, now a days peace is lost in the world. We don’t do such things which give us peace in our depressed minds. We have to enjoy our life with our work what we have to do, and we should give our precious time to those who makes us happy and can bring peace in our minds. We should not waste our time with wrong people, because instead of love and happiness they make us depress by their words and sometimes with their actions. If someone do bad things with us misbehave with we think in deep about that situation which happened suddenly. So this kind of sudden thing kill our minds peace and make us mentally sick. It can disturb our peaceful mind. We mostly take the issues very seriously, and over-thinking kill a man slowly and destroy someone’s complete life. We should not let others to destroy our peace. Therefore, everyone want peace in their lives to live a happy and peaceful life. Thus, be in peace not in pieces.