Omicron threat in Pakistan


Sattar Bakhtiyar
The latest COVID-19 variant to rise to the level of concern was named on Nov. 26: Omicron. It was first reported from Southern Africa, according to a report, the Omicron variant has been reported in 95 countries, with 58000 confirmed cases until now, Europe being its epicenter with UK and Denmark with the highest number of cases. 149 confirmed cases of Omicron have been reported so far in India. Research suggested that this version of the corona virus is more infectious. Last week WHO warned that omicron was spreading faster than others corona virus strains. It is spreading very rapidly. In Pakistan, The variant strain was found in a female patient from Karachi and was confirmed by the National Institute of Health. Recently, 30 Suspected omicron patients have been reported in Kalat District of Balochistan. their samples were sent to the National Institute of Health in Islamabad, where the presence of the variant would be confirmed after genes sequencing. Dr. Niazi said the patients had been quarantined. According to WHO, though the variant is more infectious there was some evidence that it caused a milder than the Delta variant. but it did not mean that people must not care. If the variant is more transmissible, it means more people will become infected and there will need more hospitalisation. Given the situation, Pakistan has good reason to be alerted. So, the government has done well to place restrictions on travelers from countries where a large number of cases are being reported. So, Government should also focus on hospitals and beds for patients.