Why teachers are not giving their duties

Jamal Rahim
Tunk is one of the largest villages in tehsil Hoshab and the population of Tunk is no longer much less than one thousand and the population is growing day by way of the day, but education wanted services are being lacked day by day. However, there is an important school which is known specifically primary school Gamok Tunk however in truth this faculty students are going through problems due to lacks of quintessential services such as teacher, school building, water, path books, and different amenities however authorities chosen 10 instructors for the faculty some of them are an everlasting trainer and some of them are impermanent, and only two teachers are giving their obligation often among of two one is a permanent and 2nd one is an impermanent, permanent name is master Nazeer Ahmad Sahib who is 30 years historic in this faculty and second is impermanent who is Waris Hasil he is giving the duty however among last eight a madam title is Zubeda who come to school some time and Nawaz Khair Jaan who someday come to educate the students however now not coming normally additionally in place of Hamal Zabad some time his brother come to attend his responsibility however not an ordinary instructor and 5 teachers are not attending their duty we villagers don’t understand where are they but we need them. Furthermore, this school populace exceeds 75 primary students how two teachers can instruct them carefully, and first, we do not need other missing facilities, we have to want first instructors why they are now not giving their responsibility what is the reason and where are they and doing what. Finally, we request the authorities of Balochistan to act against the corrupt teachers why they are now not given duty.

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