Role of base camp government in critical situation shows great concern: Umair Pervez

RAWALAKOT,   (Parliament Times) : Jammu Kashmir People’s Party (JKPP) central leader Sardar Umair Pervez Khan has said that India is committing atrocities in occupied Kashmir on daily basis and in this situation neglecting Kashmir dispute in recent OIC session by Government of Pakistan is concern of great worry.
Kashmiris are fighting for the ideology of Pakistan by sacrificing their lives but the present rulers of Pakistan are unaware of this. The role of the base camp government in this situation is also of great concern. The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir will go so far in flattering the rulers sitting in Islamabad that he does not even realize that he is the representative of 1.5 crore Kashmiris. He is only trying to save his job, which was obtained by giving an interview in Bani Gala. At the same time, it was realized that he was not qualified to represent Kashmiris. For the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Tehsil Abbaspur is the whole of Kashmir and his bradri is his total population of Kashmir. It needs to be understood that the Kashmir issue is not a border dispute but an issue of self-determination of 1.5 crore Kashmiris and is based on UN resolutions.


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