Global Innovation Index

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Jahangir Jameel
As per GII, Pakistan ranks 99th out of 132 economies in 2021. The research examines that a firm relationship exist between economic growth and country’s innovation.Pakistan’s goodwill in technology is barely seen in today’s advancing world. The reason is, Pakistan in technological world is never seen as the first mover in the history.Innovations attract the markets and the first movers get the attention of the world.First movers of electric vehicles are: Hungary, Netherlands, USA and Vermont. This group mobilised the idea in 1890s and launched their cars in early days of 1900s.Whereas, we are may be the last in number after more than 100 years to work on this idea. Pakistan’s first electric car was launched this year.It’s a food for thought that where we lie in the list of technological world.The reason is not people here, don’t possess the capabilities. But they don’t get opportunities.Technology can boost the economy precipitously to the zenith. It has a great influence over the GDP of the country. Government should heed to ameliorate technological sector of the country to grow the level of GDP and cover the existing inflationary gap.

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