School for All welfare organization

Mehrullah Jameel
The School for all Welfare is a non-profit organization based in Turbat Balochistan and it has been established on 1st October 2020 by Darvesh Aziz, Noor-Ahmad Tagrani, Kamran Gichki, and Dr.Shah Faisal on 1st of October 2020 and it has completed its one year successfully. Moreover, School for All Welfare aims to educate the disabled, orphans, poor, and the ones who are working at a small age and make their future Bright and save them from being illiterate and yet it admitted more than 60 children in school and it is playing a big roll in Turbat Balochistan for the betterment of societies. It is fulfilling all kinds of needs such as School fees, Monthly fees admissions fees, books, uniforms, and many more. In addition, The School for All Welfare wishes to see every child in school and its educate the children from basic to matriculation. On the other hand, It has conducted many books stall with discounts, and its first bookstall was conducted in Nusaach academy Turbat on 8th June 2021 with full discount. At last, we are grateful to the School for All welfare team for establishing such an organization and working for building a better society, and educating our unsupported children. And I also request the public to help such kinds of organizations that are working for building a better society. And your helping hand and contributions can change other’s lives.

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