Jinnah’s struggle

Mehrsaba Saleh
The nation celebrated the 145th birthday of the great leader Quiad-i-Azam in this year, who was truly a visionary, dynamic and highly disciplined political strategist with an immaculate character. Although, he left the Nation very soon after the succession of great independence unfortunately, yet he does not lives only in the memory of all Pakistanis but also in their hearts and souls. Today still the nation had an enthusiastic energy to celebrate the day on his commemoration as he was the symbol of ninety-five million Muslims unity in the subcontinent in 20th century. He was universally recognized leader of the latest century. Hence, his struggle for freedom movement of Pakistan was fabulous. Therefore, today he is remembered as the founder of Pakistan and the role model of every Muslim. 25th December is the day on which he was born in the year of 1876 at Wazir mansion ( government of Pakistan named it the“National Monument”), kharadar in Karachi. This mansion was acquired by his father Jinnah poonja, a businessman when he newly married to his mother Sakina also known as Mithibhai in 1872. Asim Musa the brother of Skina named his nephew Muhammad Ali Jinnahbai. He had got his education in Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam (now University) and Church Mission High School, Karachi. After that for higher education he went to London for Bar-at-law and become a lawyer but before that his parents arranged his marriage with Ambrathai before the departure to London in 1892. In the same year he left for London for higher studies. Besides these, he started his political career in 1906 when he joint the session of Indian National Congress. He was such an intelligent politician who was fully conscious of the problems faced by the entire Muslims world , viz plasticine, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, and he expressed solidarity with them seriously. Thus the all we need to do as a nation is to follow the steps of him by making Pakistan into a greater and prosperous Muslim State as per his dream and philosophy.

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