Sadly, rulers continued to betraying national sovereignty as IMF loan: Altaf Shakoor

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Karachi: Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman and Pakistan Quomi Ittehad (PQI) Vice Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that the IMF-dictated “mini-budget” would prove to the final nail in the coffin of Pakistani economy, asking is this was the promised “change” of the sitting regime.

Talking to a delegation, he said the economy of Pakistan is the first victim of the interference of International Monetary Fund IMF into Pakistani national affairs. He regretted that the rulers bartered the national sovereignty for the IMF loan, which would be also used to pay heavy interests of previous loans. He said the wrong policies of the government have pushed Pakistan to a total economic collapse. Quoting noted economist Shabbar Zaidi he said Pakistan has already committed a technical default, and only official announcement in this regard is being awaited.

He said due to conspiracies of the rulers LNG could not be imported and the industry was Pakistan was pushed to a preplanned death trap through well-planned gas shortage. He said now the rulers are set to implement another IMF dictation by bringing a Rs 360 billion mini-budget that would prove to be the last straw on the back of camel.

Altaf Shakoor said that price hike has broken all previous records. He said in the government of sitting rulers Pakistani rupee devaluation and new internal and external loans have also broke all old records.

He said that the dream of a “change” has tury sour for the Pakistani people and they consider their old Pakistan was a thousand times better than the so-called new one. He asked the rulers to stop total destruction of Pakistani socioeconomy and step down, paying a way for fresh general election. He said this is the only way to salvage our dying economy and saving Pakistani society from a total destruction.

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