25 rickshaws engaged in Peace Rikshaw campaign in Karachi

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KARACHI,(Special Representative): According to Global times Media Report, Connecting Communities fellows from Muripur observed that today’s Youth are notably
inspired by poetry and art made on Rikshaw and revival of truck art of Rickshaws is a creative medium that can be utilized as a tool for promoting peace.
As in middle class areas Rickshah is a main tool of transportation and all around the city people use it to travel so our fellows initiate a campaign “Peace Rikshaw” that aims to integrate the
two together and engage multiple Rickshah’s that travel around the city spreading a message of peace, diversity, tolerance and acceptance.In this campaign fellows engaged 25 Rikshaws on which they place panaflax designed with truck art and peace messages.Fellows started the rally of 25 Rikshaws from Maripur Road to Hawksbay on Sunday, 19th Dec, 2021.The rally was very successful and people admired the efforts of the youth. One of the Rikshaw driver said, “I’m feeling fortunate to being a part of this campaign because it will help.

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