Insaf Ali Bangwar
The institutionalisation of humanitarian laws is failed to provide protection to the Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since 2017 after the attacks of Buddhist extremist mobs over Rohingya and brunt down their shelters with the assistance of the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military). Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF) reports over 288 villages become ash and 6700 people died including children below five, leaving Rohingyas shelterless. The Myanmar authorities, however, termed this merciless massacre as a clearance operation in response to attacks by Arakan’s Rohingya Salvation Army, (ARSA), resultantly, they fled to Bangladesh and other adjacent regions for better protection, shelter, health and safety. The arrogant attitude of Myanmar is complicating the issue by considering the Rohingyas illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The acknowledgement from Myanmar of Rohingya is but a pipe-dream so far as according to the government of Myanmar, they are not citizens of the country following the Citizenship Act 1982.Although Bangladesh is leaving no stone unturned to get a response from the international community to assist the Rohingya refugees’ crisis and resolve the problem either by the use of power or referendum, by all means, the misery must be ended. Floods, droughts, famine, climate disasters and much are being borne by the voiceless Rohingya as the place they are living is under great strain itself. Branzely, the deforestation, paucity of firewoods, dwindling wages owing to enormous labour supply, and dysfunctional support and aid are adding another episode of misery. The government of Bangladesh is calling the Rohingyas a ‘burden’ since it is exhausted now from the irresponsibilities of the international associations and humanitarian organisations. The drastic dilemma of Rohingyas’ solutions is but a distant dream as there is no solution being sight. Either the existence of things in the areas where Rohingyas live is strained or about to get malaised. Necessities, infrastructure and services are under great strain. A vast number of refugees’ children school education is under threat and improper health faculty is another dilemma for the refugees. The effects in these areas are beginning to deteriorate since people are trying to get the hearth products.However, Bangladesh and Myanmar government signed an agreement to repatriate the Rohingya crisis in late 2017 but no action has been taken yet and urging more time and space to resolve the dilemma of the Rohingya refugees. Plus, Pakistan needs to make itself involve directly in this matter to support the Rohingya refugees, also the Bangladesh government. Pakistan has good relations with the Myanmar military, then why this opportunity should be missed? Although Pakistan has raised the voice and urged to make the tragedy finish on 23 March 2021. This should not be enough, it is neither. Pakistan has always been before against tyranny whether it is about the Kashmir dilemma or Palestine tragic tragedy and why should not Pakistan be as being silent against tyranny is also a tyranny. China is also a country that could definitely underpin to resolve the dilemma as China has a strong relationship with Myanmar like Pakistan, additionally, as we have a project with China — China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) likewise China has with Myanmar too — China Myanmar Economic Corridor, so no surplus time should be taken, we have neither.The far too long discrimination against Rohingya refugees is but out-of-tolerance. The situation must be pondered at large and bring appropriate solutions for the refugees. A safe and dignified return to their homeland must be a priority as there is no place as comfortable as home. A comprehensive, coordinative and cooperative work is needed as they have suffered a lot from agonies, trials and tribulations for decades, no more time must be taken for the return of Rohingya refugees. This would only be possible when both countries prolong their generousness and make their arrogant attitudes aside since it is a matter of humanitarian and their rights which must not be overridden.

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