Usama Mughal
We are living a city wherein one can’t heave a bit sigh of relief and a city—hub of hoodlums. The tangible structured roots of goons have permeated into the city of conservative—Kandhkot which is being fallen victim to daily feud;killing murder; carnage and looting have made lives of people more miserable and labyrinthine. On a sunny, bright and unbearable frosty morning one wakes up stretching one’s limbs and rubbing one’s eyes— a barbed wire tinging and gigantic mushroom clouds to be there, one, having with the washing of one’s face to the bathroom and after having the cuppa dainty tea one tends to agenda to be witnessed—let’s see what is actually being happened; Seeing the agenda while yawning with a light sleepy-eyed one gets flabbergasted and energized from slumberous eyes; going outside home with the purpose of any work—related to household one— being speechless with shock and trembling and shivering body— hears ear-splitting vociferation of people and sees the jam-packed the street—teemed with the gust of blood and dead body and a few days happens to elapse, another terrible and tragic incident of robbery one hears. Such is the pathetic predicament of people of Kandhkot city. Police and other authorities concerned have been remiss utterly about certain grisly episodes and are involved in taking bribe inwardly, so far , yet no concrete and stringent measures be taken to curb this horrendous and ghastly incident as well as fail to apprehend the culprits with the justice being dispensed to the victim’s family.

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