Is Third World War Possible in Near Future?

Iqra Liaqat
The world war III seems to be impossible in near future. World has changed dramatically with evolutionary process. Today, there is voice for democracy across the blue planet. States have rushed towards technological development. All nations are struggling to surpass one another in rate-race. The ‘economic interests’ are corner stone of their foreign policy. This contemporary world has witnessed unprecedented trade and military agreements among different nations. These facts minimized the possibility of aggressions and full spectrum wars. Indeed, wars bring chaos and anarchy. This is why; no any nation wants deaths and destruction. Unlike past, majority of states favor peaceful co-existence. In this world of knowledge, nations know that economy, not politics is the key to success. States invest in human resources. People explore ways for scientific inventions and discoveries. They have hurled aside the anathemas and belligerent notions. Humanity is revered and human rights are preserved. The whole world is on the same page to combat fanatic hordes. Nations have unanimously vowed to save the blue planet from environmental hazards. True, although some states exchange allegations and spray bullets across their borders, yet chances of hellish world war III are negligible. There are some robust logics behind this argument. The first thing which can be precluding world war III is the existence of ‘United Nation’. The horrific genesis of World War I and II suggests that such an organization did not exist at the time of those wars. Although ‘League of Nation’ was planted, yet it had no roots. It faced grave fiasco because of apathy of its own founding fathers. However, ‘United Nations’ is a common platform of 193 countries. Its efficiency can be gauged with the fact that it has hitherto prevented world from jumping into the furnace. There is no denying the fact that pot is simmering. This organization has not let it boil. Hence, this world body will save the world from another nightmare. Moreover, modern world sees another stumbling block for war, i-e nuclear bomb. The whole world knows about its repercussions. The fateful Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosions are still in minds of people. Today, there are eight nuclear powers in the world. All these states have pledged, ‘Never to use first’. They have made this bomb for defense purposes. Take the case of Pakistan and India. Until 1990s, they fought three major and several minor wars. However, after testing their nuclear weapons, neither state dares resort to war. Similarly, after Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident none of the country has used its nukes so far. This shows that no any country will use the weapons of mass destruction in future.Besides this, there prevails economic connectivity among different nations of the world. This is the world of trade and business. Every state wants economic stability. The mega project ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ is a palpable evident. Interestingly enough, on one hand, India claims to contain china. On the other hand, their bilateral trade is $l00bn annually. The middle class in India is booming. China is exploring ways to become an economic giant. The US wants to remain at peak. Europe is searching for market economy. Africa is yelling for trade, not aid. Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Central Asian Republics and South East Asian nations are toasting their economies. All countries have signed multiple economic and trade agreements. They hinge on one another. Their inter dependence will not let them fight another world war. Furthermore, there is voice for democracy in every nook and corner of the world. Monarchs are more the symbols of prestige of nations. People want government affairs in their own hands. The rule of law reigns supreme in modern world. Previously, at the time of previous wars, the outlook of world was starkly different from the present world. Callous dictators ruled over and oppressed people. Imperialism and colonialism were at zenith. The ruthless leaders like Hitler and Kaiser decided fate of their nation unilaterally. They led their people towards abysmal shambles. Nietzsche rightly quoted, “If you look deeply into abyss, the abyss will look into you.” Contrarily, presently decisions are made according to the will of majority of people. Power lies in the hands of people, not rulers. Thus, chances of world war are plummeted to naught. In addition to this, the world has become unipolar. At the time of previous wars, many powers were flexing their military muscles. They wanted to enhance their offensive powers. Resultantly, conquering small states and expanding territorial strength were their mottos. Dictators wanted more and more people to exploit their potentials. Germany, France, Japan, Britain, America and Russia, were behemoth warlord of that time. On the contrary, after end of cold war between America and Russia the reins are in hands of USA now. He is sole leader of the world. He is piloting world affairs in his own fashion. Indeed, being democratic state or more pertinently being champion of democracy, America will never trigger world war III.What is more, the analysis of current issues suggests that world war III is not in the offing. Currently, Syria has become a tangled web where all geo-strategical and geo- political stake holders are countering influence of one another. However, recent events lead to inference that this enigma is moving towards a pragmatic solution. Syrian forces are vigorously pushing monsters of ISIS to the wall. They have kicked them away from ‘Palmyra’. Geneva talks are also progressing positively. US-Asia pivot policy and its confrontation with China in Pacific Ocean though whip up fear, yet it cannot switch over major war. The Iran nuclear deal, Pathankot investigation, evacuation of hefty NATO forces from Afghanistan and plantation of democracy are historic successes. Moreover, the breakthrough in nuclear summit and climate summit beggars description. Therefore, current appraisal negates the possibility of world war III.Summing it up, there is no denying the fact that multiple issues are haunting the world. However, none of them are likely to push the world towards a global war. The factors behind this perception are numerous. Moreover globalization, concept of smart power, nontraditional threats and rampant terrorism have taught world not to capitulate and create disharmony. World is united against menaces of terrorism and environmental degradation. The military and humanitarian organizations are working for welfare of people. World is undergoing a positive change. Dialogues are preferred to wars. Sports grounds have become new platforms of fighting. Last but not the least; contemporary affairs also asses that the world war III is not possible in near future.

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