Jahangir Jameel
Government of a state is not to deteriorate the people rather to aggrandize them. Painful to say but it is the inevitable fact that the incumbent government of Balochistan is not ruling to facilitate the populace but to bring down them.It is about a month that people in Gwadar are protesting on the roads merely for their basic needs of life which constitutionally, are obligatory on the government to serve.The protestants are led by ‘Mulana Hidayat ur Rehman,’ a common citizen of the city. Mulana demands for the void of trawler and wine shops, an open, unrestricted trade border for Baloch people with Iran and release of youths who are unlawfully, picked by Pakistani agency. Even the females and kids are out on the road to raise their voice for their due justice. But it staggrs that the government doesn’t even bat an eye. Whereas, it stunns that the authorities have cut FIR against ‘Molana’.By examining the on going situations, can anyone hope for development and justice for oneself. It is a question to each citizen of the country. What can one conclude by seeing the circumstances that the people are protesting and screaming for their legal rights since a month but there is nobody to listen.On the other side, we must not forget this all is happening in Gwadar, the CPEC city, which is in the spotlight of Federal Government as well. When Gwadar’s voice has nobody to listen, what about the the other cities of Balochistan and rural areas? It is candid that keeping mum, bearing the injustice and Inequality is the only option for them.Importantly, the biased Media has no time for such crucial coverage but considers the fly essential which disturbed PM, Imran Khan during a program.No doubt that the competence of MPA’s is vivid that how great, worthy and humble to their people they are when they don’t bother to speak up regarding the hurdle and can’t come to terms with the protestants. A group of Ministers who had disappeared into the thin air appeared some days ago to Molana with the deceptive aim to finish the protest by putting forward some bogus promises.However, Molana by grace of God, averted and sustained the protest with the points: until the raised demands are fulfilled non from the protestants is going home.On 26th day of the protest, Molana conducted a successful rally with stream of people in thousands. Hope there comes a positive outcome of this struggle and the due rights are served to the people of Gwadar.

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