The Deadly Virus “Omicron”

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Shema Abdul Wahid
It is to draw the attention of concerned authorities that the country’s first case of “Omicron” have been confirmed by the Pakistani Health Authorities and it seemed that Pakistan is going to face a big challenge again and going to suffer from the hard time,but dishearteningly SOPs are being neglected by every citizen of country.We can control the spread of deadly virus by just following the SOPs. According to a statement of a report that “following the SOPs of Omicron virus is not so difficult rather a mask and distance of somehow can save your precious life from the death.”The most important thing is your attitude, if you take the precautions then you yourselves can see the decreasement of cases.Therefore, I urge the concerned authorities and every citizen to kindly go accordance with SOPs in order to be saved from the dangerous virus.

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