“Kar Khursheed Aalam-A life-long inspiration”


Umer Ashraf Bhat
A chilly morning,I along with my coaching comrades hurriedly booked few seats in one of the rows of our Coaching centre that offered coaching for NEET/JEE.While with some greeness in our maturity seeds and some disinterest in the Organic chemistry,we kicked off a debate of our own that produced nothing much than an annoying noise.The noise basically rested on our in-person opinions.As we thought of an in-person debate as a fine means to escape the monotony of Organic Chemistry.The tutor as if all of a sudden got infront of us and took us to the stage.The haunting look is still afresh in my mind,that redness on his face,the foreshock in his voice and the anger in his eyes.Being called to the stage infront of a huge number of students was certainly no good.And this no good was accompanied by the inward ultimatum of getting punished/expelled.I wonder till date,either that was the golden heart of the tutor or our goodluck that all of a sudden he casted a candid smile with an unforgettable note,”Go and have your seats,I do not like to punish future doctors”.His this kind of notable stimulus had an inspirational response,that not only inspired me but also the huge number of students infront of whom we felt ashamed. The tutor I am to mention is none other than Khursheed Aalam,born in 1982,in the valley of saints and the paradise on earth__Kashmir(Noorbagh,Sopore). He is the kind of tutor who can mould shame into inspiration.So far as my dreams are concerned,all of the dreams were assembled into one big,and that was to become a doctor.After the successful completion of my 12th standard,I got myself admitted in one amongst the hub of coaching centres at Parraypora,Srinagar…namely ,KIE (Kashmir Institute of Excellence).And overthere,I got a chance to meet the dignified chairman of the coaching institution;Kar Khursheed Aalam.The conversation inbetween was with the ingredients of esteem and honour.There was no such reduction in the level of my confidence while conversating and that certainly was not my achievment but his humane and tender attitude that let me feel that confident.I did not leave his cabin with motivation for studies only but he kind of installed in me the grace and responsibility of a doctor,too.And right from that conversation ,I committed to become a part of the noble profession. After that inspiring session with Kar Khursheed Aalam,I switched to my routine work and every passing day started with some expectations and ended with some experiences.He has continually inspired me to meet the best in me.And it is fair enough to mention him as a life-long inspiration. Getting monotonous in the stretched classes of Organic Chemistry is nothing new,but such were his educational strategies and rich sense of humour that boredom had to escape,anyhow.Perhaps,nature has bestowed his goodself with a certain skill to manipulate monotony into variety.As a note of thankyou,I am thanking Kar Khursheed Aalam’s kindself for challenging me to my best and instating in me an unending burning passion for learning.Today,being fortunate enough to be a part of the noble profession,I feel immensely pleased to write about such an inspirational tutor cum guide who brought me upto here.Because,I believe that every existing problem in the world has a hidden solution that somewhere rests in the passion of a teacher to erase darkness.