University of Agriculture Faisalabad exhibition

MA Rashid.
FAISALABAD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad staged citrus exhibition at the Institute of Horticulture Sciences, University of Agriculture Faisalabad in which more than 100 varieties remained a center for attraction for the citrus lovers. .

The expo was inaugurated by Dean Faculty of Agriculture Prof Dr Aman Ullah Malik; while Prof Dr Jafar Jaskani, Dr Muhammad Azam, Dr Samar Naqvi, Dr Ahmad Sattar, Dr Adnan Younis, Dr Waseem, Dr Fatima, Dr Abbasi and other notables also attended.

Prof Dr Aman Ullah Malik said that the export season that culminated in April 2021, as many as 460,000 tonnes of oranges are exported, up 30% high compared to the previous season. He said that the country was blessed with the fertile land. He said that farmers should get guidance from agriculture scientists to control plant diseases.

Prof Dr Jafar Jaskani said that Pakistan was standing at the 7th number in the citrus production. He said that the citrus was playing a significant role in fulfilling the vitamin C deficiency. He said that the expo was staged to exhibit different varieties potential in the country and promote the best one for increasing yields.

Dr Muhammad Azam said that the demand for oranges is rising across the globe. He said the demand for the Pakistani citrus is increasing across the globe and the country exported 210 million dollars of citrus this year and it is grown at 200461 hectares. He said there is a plenty of opportunities to further grow in citrus production.

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