Tuberculosis In Balochistan


Fatima Imam Baksh
Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world for tuberculosis. In Balochistan, more than 11,000 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis each year and receive free medical treatment. The cost of the test is around Rs. 50,000. Director of Balochistan Tuberculosis Control Program Dr Asif Shahwani said it was unfortunate that the staff of the TB control program in Balochistan had not been given any training for the last four years. Also claimed that after a gap of four years, the province was organizing a two-day training course on drug management and a five-day district lab supervisor refresher training. He said that 22 anti-tuberculosis camps will be set up in each district of Balochistan for a period of three months starting from January 2022 for TB diagnosis and TB screening would be done.