JUI Senior Leader urges individuals to offer solidarity with people of Gwadar

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QUETTA,    (Parliament Time) , (PR) : Senior leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Pakistan and prominent parliamentarian Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said that the oppressed people of Gwadar have been sitting on sit-in for many days regarding various issues including CPEC but the central and provincial government still dreaming in this regard. He said that during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, the funds of CPEC were given to Lahore Metro while now the work on CPEC is going on at a snail’s pace under the orders of IMF.

He said that if thousands of men and women of Gwadar were in Punjab or Islamabad like the sit-in of TLP, then despite being banned, bypassing the constitution, law and parliament, the Chief Minister did not even bother to appease the thousands of oppressed protesters in Gwadar. He expressed these views while talking to media persons and various delegations at his residence Jamia Mutla Al-Uloom. “At least all the political parties, social organizations, scholars, lawyers, businessmen, students, transporters and landlords of Balochistan should fulfill their duty by expressing solidarity with the oppressed people of Gwadar”, he urged.


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