3 family members killed over land dispute in Karachi

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Karachi:    Over an issue of land dispute 3 members of a family were targeted and shot dead on Monday in Patel Para, Karachi.
According to media report, 40-year-old Zainab and 35-year-old brother of her who is identified as Zahir Shah have been declared dead whereas third victim is under treatment.

They were shot over a property dispute. The opponents barged into the house and opened fire at Zainab and Zahir in Karachi.

According to the police initial report, there was a land ownership dispute between two parties in the hometown of the accused who is identified as Bakht Buland.

Bakht Buland was Zainab ul Nisa’s husband, the victim’s husband and his brother Yousuf Rehman opened fire at her and her brothers.

Another brother of Zainab Ul Nisa got severely injured in the incident and is undergoing treatment at Anwar Civil Hospital, police said.

It has been further revealed that the victim who is Bakht Buland’s first wife had obtained custody of the children from the court.

The fugitive Bakht Buland got married for the second time a year and a half ago therefore the victim Zainab had come to her brothers’ house with her children over dispute and the fugitive accused Bakht Buland was also living with his relatives in Karachi for a few days.

However, in the morning, accused Bakht Buland and his brother Yusuf entered Zainab s house, opened fire at the family members and fled.

During investigation, Police found 4 bullet casings and a 9mm pistol at the scene.
The culprits are still at large and police are further investigating the matter.

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