Unannounced load shedding in Tangwani

Noor Khan Bakhrani
The nuisance of disruption of electricity for several days has become a serious and regular issue for citizens of Tangwani and its surrounding villages. The population of this town is more than fifty thousand. The Sukkur Electric Power Company’s (SEPCO) officials deliberately disconnect the feeder which is supplying electricity to our town and adjoining villages. The whole city remained in complete darkness for last many days without electricity. The prolonged power-outage creates many hard ships for citizens. The business activities as well as flour grinding mills and rice mill owners are facing a lot of problems due to frequent power failure. The spread of malaria is also getting alarming situation due to power-outage for many days in Tangwani and its suburbs. The concerned authorities turned a blind eye to this matter and elected political figures are also playing the role of silent spectator over this long-awaited issue of unannounced power load-shedding for many days which miserably affected both urban life as well as business activities in Tangwani town. Shopkeepers specially tailors are sick of the undeclared power-outage as their business gets badly affected. It is daily routine that either electricity remains suspended round the clock or plays hide and seek. The electronic gadgets are of no use for electricity consumers since long past.The Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Kandh Kot, Line Superintendent and concerned Linemen of WAPDA willingly keep the electricity of Tangwani feeder disconnected to put citizens into agony and trouble on daily basis. The rich people have installed solar-panel systems in their homes as replacement for electricity but on the other hand the poor people and business community are facing a lot of problems without the provision of electricity. Through your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned WAPDA and SEPCO authorities to take immediate notice of atrocities of relevant authorities and ensure the power supply to Tangwani town and its surrounding villages so that the citizens of Tangwani may get rid of the frequent electricity failure and artificial unannounced load-shedding problem.

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