Balochistan needs attention

Shahdad Afreeq
As we all are cognizant about Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by land.It has full of nature resources these resources develop a country but it is a province which population is less than others province still it has deprived from fundamental right which are necessary for people. These kind of resources decrease the poverty, Inflation, Unemployment, Water crisis, Uneducated. Furthermore, Balochistan is facing lots of problems which are not solved yet.Inflation brought a big catastrophe in present time. Due to inflation poverty has increased.All people are worried about interminable Inflation.The goods are in high rates such as, suger, milk, flour, Rice, etc.In edition, another issue is education system is the weakest education in Pakistan. Governmental school lack more facilities to get education.There are lots of issue I define the last issue unemployment.In Balochistan unemployment is big issue which is still running.The jobs are less and candidates are more than thousands.Finally, I request to (C.M) of Balochistan please concentrate on issues.

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